Know How Personality Development through Vastushastra..???

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that deals in synchronizing eight directions, five fundamental elements along with gravitational & electro-magnetic forces of the earth and effect of cosmic waves emanating from planets as well as the universal waves on human life.Vastushastra-originated from Sthapatya Veda.

Vaastu Shastras professing the ancient Indian Science and Technology of design and construction of structures and of Town Planning, that have been in vogue from very early times, are not mere building codes or construction manuals, as generally assumed and propagated by the scholars. They are but Shastras replete with technological material and measures, based on unique Science of Energy and Matter, Time and Space & Space and Spatial Form, so far not recorded in the history of the land of their origin. This science has escaped the notice of all, over the centuries.

This unique and supreme science of India lay dormant during all the alien rules, but today it is reemerging spectacularly. This science succinctly called the science of Time and Space, Space and Spatial Forms, is actually the science of subtle energy turning itself into gross energy or embodied energy. As applied in the field of Architecture (Vaastu) and Sculpture (Shilpa), the same subtle energy turns into material forms such as buildings, temples, imagic forms etc. All these forms are not religious but spiritual, and hence universal. But each religion has made these forms sectarian with their symbols superposed on them.


In many cases the basic rules of Vastu are not followed properly because of rules framed by the government; fascination for elegant look of the building due to elevations, ignorance to vastu science have created various types of imbalances with nature and still continue to do so. As a result of this, adverse effects such as high tension in the house in-spite of the small family size. The increasing percentage of serious diseases such as cancer, cardiac problems, blood pressure, Aids etc. have increased two fold in last sixty years. All these problems have mainly due to vastu – defects which we have created in our housing system.

In short the exchange of energy between the body, the building and the nature is extremely necessary. It is therefore, imperative that we achieve the balance between the five elements in the Universe the eight directions. It is only after this balance is achieved that we will experience the power of Mother Nature. It is for this reason that the philosophy, ‘from soul to the Universe’ is significant from the point of view of the Vastushastra.


The Indian science of Vastu and Vaastu has recognised that the universe is subject to a mathematical formula and architecture is yet another manifestation of this formula – “architecture is the supreme achievement of mathematics”, says Mayan, the legendary architect cum scientist. This is the science underlying technological principles and processes in the domain of traditional art and architecture of Vaastu Shastras. The Vaastu Shastras have evolved the temple structure as form of God ‘Praasadam Purusham Matva Poojayet Mantra Vittamaha’- Shilpa Ratna and hence it is worship worthy. The yardstick used to give form to consciousness, that is into visual and aural forms is governed by the science of Time and Space using Light and Sound as raw materials. This is the basic science of all Vaastu Shastras.

Vastushastra is an age-old science that aims at bringing peace and harmony into dwellings by 
keeping certain directions in mind.

Having Good Vastu empowers you to harmonies with Nature, balancing the positive and negatives that consequently activate improvements in health, wealth, prosperity, spirituality, influence, energy levels, fame, learning, and relationships…

When we properly align our environment with Vastu, balance occurs. Once this balance is created, stress is reduced and the frustrations and limitations in life diminish
When we properly align our environment with Vastu, balance occurs. Once this balance is created, stress is reduced and the frustrations and limitations in life diminish
Vastu Shastra: A Result – Oriented Science.
Vastu Shastra has grown out of life. It has its techniques of identification with Nature. Life and Destiny are a part of the universal fabric of Nature. 
In Marathi, this is described as “Pindi Te Brahmandi”. 
In English, as “From Soul to Universe”.
Human body is created from the five basic elements in the Universe. Our body is the abode for the soul. Our building or Vastu is the dwelling place of the body. This building dwells in nature. It is an integral part of the nature. Nature is occupied by the five basic elements of the Universe. Our body is made up of the five basic elements of the Universe. It means that the dwelling place (Vastu) comes between the human body and nature. The exchange of energy between human body and nature is an integral part of the natural phenomena.


From Soul to Universe
We at “Vasturaviraj” have found that even in the concrete jungle of Mumbai, if the rules of Vastu are implemented, people can get positive results and get relief from problems.
In the buildings that have already been constructed, a common man is helpless in making structural changes. Even then, if he do some changes in the arrangement of rooms, he can reduce ill-effects at least to the extent of ..% to 4.% and gain about .5% to ..% positive effects. Vastu is a great boon to any grief-stricken and financially overburdened family.

In the construction of house, flat, or a building, the well-being of the occupant from every angle is of prime importance in Vastu Shastra. Orientation of any premises considering the cardinal principles of every direction is an essential part while planning the constructions. An occupant should be able to lead a happy and peaceful life, once he occupies and starts residing in a flat or bungalow, and this is possible only if the principles of vastushastra are followed by the occupant.

We have adopted the self- content housing system. Since this adoption, bathroom and toilet have become an integral part of the house. The sink related to the element water, and the gas-stove related to the element fire, have come closer on the kitchen platform and each of them is trying to outsmart the other. The threshold at the entrance has vanished. All the walls are of the same dimensions, which mean that the walls in North-East and South-West are also of the same thickness and height.

There are many vastu – defects like another entrance door opposite to our entrance, existence of the lift, the staircase, hospital, Temple opposite to entrance door are the part and parcel of living system. Actually we are bearing with at least .5-.. % Vastu – defects as the integral part of our housing system without which we cannot live a normal life.
Vastushastra has strong influence on every aspect of human life which we have already seen in different segments of this website. We are going to have discussion on how vastushastra inflences the personality aspect of human being.
NE is the place of water element that means due to flowing (moving) characteristics of water there is always development and progress.
Abode of God provides smoothness to work, peace of mind and pleasant atmosphere to boost up performance and also helps to improve knowledge. Also existence of living room and bathroom in NE give strong base for success.
In short NE gives success and progress
When SE of our house is balanced properly for placing five element that means kitchen; it helps to accelerate the speed of success and progress. Because fire means energy which give rise to motion. Which ultimately helps to achieve the objective or helps to reach our goal. 
So SE gives completeness to success and progress
SW is a region of earth element. This means as per the principal of moment of inertia, higher the weight, higher is force required to move is from one place to another place. In other words it develops an attribute of stability. (Not to move remain firm and unchanged). Stability give rise to confidence which helps to develops decision making ability. This further makes you to implement the decision, which helps to develop leadership and domination attribute. 
So SW is able to give us confidence, leadership decision making and dominating attribute
Leads to disharmony and quarrels which disturbs co-ordination and relationship. Similarly waves of jealousy from near and dear ones affect the tolerance level and outmatch efficiency and productivity.
Now if we summaries above discussion it means NE is responsible for success. SE gives acceleration to the progress. SW develops confidence & leadership & ability to combat on the other hand. NW improves harmony co-ordination & communication skills & sky element offers maturity & ability of in-depth studies & analysis.

All these factors if we get will definitely make the man absolutely perfect from all the aspect of human personality.


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