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Why CRY was formed:    CRY was officially registered on January .8, .979, in response to the unjust situation of children that we see
every day. Children living in the most inhuman conditions, deprived of the most basic means of sustenance. Children living unsheltered on our city streets, or working .. hours a day as the bonded property of money lending landowners. Children who do not know what it means to have a childhood. It stems primarily from the need to restore the dignity of a child’s life, to give him or her every opportunity to grow and develop.
CRY – Child Rights and You – is India ‘s leading advocate for child rights .
CRY stands for Child Rights and You .

We are not about temporary relief, or buying sympathy, sweets, blankets, however well intentioned. For .. years of working with and for children, their families and communities across .. states in India , we’ve learnt that permanent change in the lives of children is only possible when we tackle the root causes that continue to keep our children uneducated, hungry and vulnerable. We believe that all children are equal, with equal rights guaranteed to them in the Constitution of India. We are about people coming together from all walks of life who believe in the rights of children . We are about Child Rights.
To Enable a community to ensure that all children are educated, protected and nurtured and given an opportunity to have ahappy and healthy childhood.
To Ensure the village is totally free of child labour.
To Ensure each and every chid in the village enrolls in school.
To Start strengthen and moniter government schools to ensure to access to quality education for all children .
To Stop child labour by helping parents gain employment and providing children access to education.
To Activate primary health centers enabling children and communities to gain access to timely healthcare.


Rs..,…  Per Month 
Ensure the village is totally free of child labour.
Rs..,… Per Month
Ensure each and every child in the village enrols in school.
Rs.7.. Per Month 
Start, strengthen and monitor government schools to ensure access  to quality education for all children.
Rs.4.. Per Month   
Stop child labour by helping parents gain employment and providing children access to education.
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 Dear Friend,                                                              
It was in .979 that Rippan Kapur, a twenty five year old airline purser started CRY, with six friends, Rs. 5. and a dream for India ‘s children.  What was it he envisioned as he and his friends went from office to office in their lunch hours to sell our first greeting cards? Could he have imagined that .. years later, CRY would have freed the dreams of over ..,..,… children? Strange as it may seem, we believe he would not be surprised. His hopes were grounded in the belief that “ if each of us simply does what he can, then together there is no problem we cannot solve”.
Two decades later CRY is the living proof of the strength of that conviction. We have so far raised more than Rs.. billion, disbursed over Rs.5.. million and supported hundreds of child development initiatives 
But it is still individuals who are CRY’s mainstay..
Individuals like the children at Gokul Dham School who, moved by the plight of underprivileged children , got together to make paper bags from newspapers, sold them to grocers in their neighbourhood and donated the proceeds to CRY. 
Or the young executives in Bangalore who created the inter-corporate quiz called FACT – Free A Child Today – in .998. The quiz has now been replicated across the country as an annual fundraising event.
Or individuals like Pawan Rana who gave up his job as a lecturer to work with children in the difficult terrain of the Kumaon.
For the children of India , much remains to be done. One in three children go to work instead of school, girl children are discriminated against and so many children die every day from easily preventable diseases. Yet across the country, we see myriad reasons to hope. Your support can be one of those reasons.
There are still millions who do not have a childhood:
  • … million Child labourers in India
  • . out of . children (6 – .4 years) have no access to primary education.
  • . out of . Indian girls do not survive the age of .5.
Thankfully, there are people like you, who contribute skills, money or time to make an irreversible difference to the lives of our children.
How CRY works:
CRY is the link between the child in need, wherever she is in India . And you, wherever you are. CRY therefore used the concern. Money and skills of thousands of individuals towards child development projects that are run by committed organizations that strive for child rights.
..                    Convincing families to enroll their children into schools.
..                     Providing children with a foundation to catch up on the education   
              they may have missed.
..                     Improving health standards by training communities on basic hygiene
              and family planning.
4.                     Preventing child  labour by creation of better income generation
              opportunities for the community.
5.                     Enabling  families to take active interest in the quality of education
              provided to their children.
  • Working with    communities in ..- States Across India to restore basic rights to children.
  • Channels the resources of over ……. individuals and organizations to reachchildren in need all over India .
Impact Indicators ….. – ….
  Reach more children:
·         Total no of children impected – 89.88..
·         No of children coverd through health check ups – …898.
·         No of children mainstresmed into government primary schools – ..4.7.
·          No of government primary schools activated/reactivated – 747.
·          No of villages with …% enrolment of all eligible children –.84..9.
·          No of child labourers + working children linked with education programs – 4.78.
·         No of villages …% free from child labour – 648.
·       No of new govt. school opened – 8.. 
Join CRY to permanently change the lives of underprivileged Indian children.    
If you chosen the … % tax deduction option in the form. CRY needs you signature/ company seal in order to offer you … % tax relief under section 8. GGA or .5 AC. In any case all donations are eligible for 5. % tax relief under section 8.G.
CRY will forward to you a receipt followed by a tax deduction certificate.
Tax Exemption is not useful for Foreign nationals as it might not be valid in their country.
Do join our movement for India ’s children. As Rippan always said, “ If you give of yourself, you will make a difference to their lives and to your own.


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