Vastu for Love—-

Love is the food of life and undoubtedly Vastu can enrich life with lots of love making the relationships strong. To induce unlimited love, it is important to consider Vastu principles in sphere of life including home, bedroom and certain spiritual forms. To succeed your love of life following Vastu norms in correct way is essential as it help in developing unflinching love in hearts of partners.

Read out the important Vastu tips to instill life with loads of love:—
—-The first and foremost thing in Vastu is bedroom that helps in making love ties strong. Vastu advices to construct bedroom in South-west or North-west as it helps in enhancing love and understanding.
—Apparently, regular shape of the bedroom is utmost important is important for partners.
—Avoid metal bed in your bedroom as disturbs sleep and create tension among partner.
—Keep the colour of the room light and soothing so as make the ambience appealing.
—Wife should always sleep in the left of husband for smooth and loving relationship.
—Avoid North-east direction for bedroom.
—Add more of red colour in bedroom such as light, red quilt, drapes for momentary period.
—Avoid keeping electrical gadgets in your bedroom as they distract relationships by creating stress and tension.
—Keep the bedroom clean and cutter-free for the inflow of unending love and positivity.
—Bed mattress should be single on couple’s bed, as Vastu suggests because it enhances marital harmony.
—Keep the room well lit and illuminated for unflinching love and charm as dark and bleak rooms makes the partner feel unromantic and indifferent.


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