Vastu Kundali–वास्तु  कुंडली —



Vastu Kundali:
There are 9 sections in a vastu kundali. Each section represents a  direction and the direction represents life related problems, as shown in the kundali above. If any of such sections are missing or are cut in  your house or workplace then concern problem will arise.

In above figure :—
South – East section is missing or there is a cut in SE:-
The person staying in this flat will face financial instability and eventual loss.
North – east section is missing or there is a cut in NE:-
This will affect children education.
Center Toilet:- Major health problems will arise.

Some other Important Vastu Doshas:
The Main Entrance to the house in wrong direction
Improper placement of Devara or Temple in the house
Pillars, Beams or heavy objects placed in Brahma sthan or on Marma/ Upa-Marma sthans.
Toilet in Brahma sthan.


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