Vastu in Sanskrit means nature , a surrounding or environment. The word “Vaasthu” came from Vasthu , denoting anything existing such as house, shelter building etc. Shastra in sanskrit means systems. Vastu shastra is an ancient art and science containing principles and practices of constructing buildings which ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby bring all round happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.

Ancient sages of India laid down several principles for constructing buildings taking advantage of the nature, the Pancha Bhootas namely Earth, Space, Air, Fire and water. Gravitational and magnetic effects and rotational influences of Sun, Moon, Earth and other planets on the life in Earth with a view to bring balance and harmony between man, nature and his buildings and thereby ensuring peace, prosperity and happiness.

These principles, called Vastu Shastra, were evolved over thousands of years out of experience and foresight of ancient Sages of India and are very valuable for the well being of man-kind. According to Shastras, if we worship, revere and respect the lords of these eight directions, they will shower on us their blessings and benefits.
. Domestic Vastu : Houses, Flat, Bungalow, Kothi, Haveli, etc.
. Commercial Vastu : Office, Shop, Showroom, commercial complex, Hotels, Resorts, Heavy industries, Small scale industries, Hospitals, Nursing home, Clinic, Cinema hall, Theater, Club, Amusement parks, Canteen, School, College.
. Spiritual vastu : Temple, Math, Rest house , Ponds, spiritual institutions.
  4.Vastu dosha, ( premises fault ) : To avoid rules and principles of vastu shastra in chosing land or doing construction on the land and in the interior furnishing and arrangement of concerned room, called vastu dosh ( vastu fault) People paid attention towards it when they get losses in business, down fall, physical problems, hindrances in life, lack of peace of mind. After facing such adverse circumstances they have paid attention towards vastu dosh. Vaastu dosh also plays a significant role in occurrences of problems as well as destiny .
If some one bought a land of vastu Dosh (fault) with lots of short comings and did construction on this land or bought a building or house etc. and in that structure done constructions against the rules of vastu shastra , that structure might result in fatal accident or some other tragic incident. Such disastrous results might come very soon or may get later in life. For example : Bhopal Gas Tragedy in union carbide, Old Fort in Delhi, Fort of Tugleka baad in Delhi – this fort could never survive, these are all the live example of vastu dosh. Now in these days many people face lots or problems and hindrances in their life and business due to the malefic effect of Vaastu Dosh (fault of premises).
  Vastu shanti :
It’s a spiritual process of vastu remedial measure. In this service we take help of our religious methods of vastu shanti to remove land, structure, and interior arrangement faults. It is entirely religious and spiritual process of worship and benefactions.
  Vastu remedial measure :
In order to remove Vastu Dosh in buildings/premises we suggest necessary changes in your premises and internal arrangement and furnishing to get fruitful result and to bring balance and harmony between man, nature and his buildings and thereby ensuring peace, prosperity and happiness.


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