Important Vastu Rules—–

.. Before buying the land, its shape and angles must be examined by a learned Vastu scientist according to the rules of Vastu.
.. Adoration of land and the foundation should be performed at an auspicious moment before constructing the house.

After completion of the house; idol should be installed in a ritual way. Worship of Vastu, Navagraha, and invocation for cooling down planets, including food and gift to Brahmins should be performed. In shastras, the tenth part of total cost of house should be invested on rituals for house awakening.
..The house should be always be built in such a way that it can get maximum Natural Light, Fresh Air, and Ray of the Morning Sun.
4. The Main door of the factory, Workshop, Mill or School Should is Never in the corner.
5. There should not any Restriction or blocked in front of the door.
6. Useless and refusal trees should not be sown on front door front.
7.The Kitchen Furnace , generator, transformer, or oil engine or any item relating of fire should be kept in South-East of land.
8. Only the North-west corner should be used for animals, Chariots, bullock, carts, taxis or car parking,
9. The stream or flow of water- Whether or rain or collected water should be in the direction of North-east.
… Administrative room, sitting room, consulting room or the room for taking major and important decision should be in the North or East direction of the house
… The face of worshipper should be in the direction of east, North-east or North.
… Latrine, urinals, drain, manhole or sewage should be in the North-west or South-east corner.


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