Aspects of Vastu Shastra—-

Vastu Shastra was invented for human welfare by Rishis (priests) in the Vedic period. Vastu – the architecture of dwellers, Shastra- the principle of accumulating cosmic energy to the living space of the dwellers for the better cause. Its fundamental principle lies in the Puran (comprehensive perception of nature), gravitational, radiation and magnetic force flowing from different directions and sub-directions.
The positive effects and negative effects can be created through its measures which have already being proved by the scientific study and analysis. Its logical principles lead  to  a happy and prosperous life, therefore it is essential that people have its fundamental knowledge.
Human body is made of five elements of nature (Pancha Mahabhut or Pancha tatwo) viz: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether (sky), and their effects on human life are substantial. The proportional combination of these five elements produces bio-electro magnetic energy which entirely influences our mind and body. Human body acquires protein, carbohydrates etc from these five elements in order to acquire internal energy. The Mis-balance or deficiency of these elements in human body may cause undesired outcome which are often harmful. These in turn lead to stress and strange behaviours in people.
Vaastu Shastra deals with the ways to keep he body and mind in a perfect condition by balancing these five elements. That’s why the principal of balancing the five elements earth, water, air, fire and sky is called the Vaastu Shastra.
Vastu Shastra essentially deals with two source of energies; Life force energy and Geo magnetic energy. The revolution and the rotation of the earth create Life Force energy and Geo-magnetic energy respectively. The life force energy is essential to protect and strengthen our physical body; hence the name Life Force (Pranik Vayu). The Geo-magnetic energy also known as Bhu-Chumbakia Urja contains the cell activating energy that has a direct connection with the mind.


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