Application of Vastu in Agriculture

According Vastu Shastra agriculture is depended on the five basic elements of nature.If we follow use of Vastu Shastra in choosing agricultural land, for building a farm house or while sowing the seeds it leads to fantastic different in the agricultural production.
..Agricultural land with a road on the south should be avoided as far as possible.
..Passage should not be allowed from one’s agricultural land to the agricultural land to others.
..Agricultural land should have slope toward the east or the north. It should not to be towards the west or south direction.
4.On the west or south sides of the agricultural land tall trees are beneficial.
5.While sowing any crop it should be east-west it gives the plant good sunlight.
6.The farmhouse or the hut in the field should be in the south-west side.
7.Pet animals should never be tied in the south, north-east, or the south-west. The pet animal should not tied facing the south direction at any cost.
8.There should never be a mound at the center of the field, tall trees, flowers or the crops should not be planted here.
9.There is no objection to mounds on the south or the west direction.
…To the east of the field a row of black basil plants should be planted. It helps the crops.
…While planting grapes it should be from the south to the north. Water should also be given south to the north direction
…Scare crows should be in the south and the west direction.
…The modern laboratory of the big farm house should be situated in the west side.
.4.If goat farm is to be set up it should be in the west or the south block.
.5.Poultry farms should be set up in the western block of the field.
.6.If nursery is to be set up in the field for sale plants, it should be in the east or the west direction.
.7.The watch man of the field should live in the north-west of the west or south-east or south direction.
.8.When a new farm is purchased proper Bhoomi Pujan should be done there. Navagraha puja is advisable and then crops should be sown.
.9.After sunset no work should be done in the field. Even the animals should not be put to same work.
…Cactus or other plants emitting white liquid should not be planted in the east or the north direction.


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