Vaastu Tips For Educational Institutes (Schools / Colleges) ——

A school, college or any other educational institute plays a major role in building the future of the Nation. It is very essential to construct such buildings as per Vaastu to get the maximum benefit of the five elements of nature.

  • The direction of the Entrance of the building should be facing East or North
  • The Temple or the Prayer Hall should be constructed in the North-East
  • The Students should face North or East while studying
  • The Classrooms should have larger windows on the Northern & Eastern walls
  • The electrical equipment like generators, inverters are to be kept in the South-East
  • The toilet blocks should be in the North-West corner of the entire building
  • The Administration block should be preferably in the North or East direction
  • The Canteen in the South-East
  • The Playground in the North, East or North-East side of the site

Many more principles should be taken into consideration such as where to have a Computer Room, Library, Principal’s Office etc. while making an educational institute as per Vaastu Shashtra.


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