Vaastu makes our buildings breathe—-
Vaastu Science is a complete science in itself and this science can bring happiness to the whole world according to Lord Vishwakarma (The Architect God) ; it can impart all the happiness namely, plenty of riches, rightful living, fulfillment of  desires and liberation from diseases required to lead a full life on the earth.
Happiness and Health do not come by chance but they can be chosen, we are suffering because we have drifted away from the Nature. Vaastu is a link that brings man closer to nature. This fact was well recognized and recorded by our ancient Rishi Munis. Whatever they enunciated in the ancient times is totally scientific, secular, holistic and universal; however, their words of wisdom need to be modified to suit the present scenario.
Vaastu is universally applicable irrespective of place of birth. Vaastu changes with geography and climate ; for instance , the best direction for China as per Vaastu is East of South while for India, it is East of North. It is the Geography and Climate which decides that Kitchen in Kerala should be in NORTH EAST, while in Uttar Kashi it should be in SOUTH WEST and in Delhi it should be in SOUTH EAST. But geography is not the sole criteria for the application of the principles of Vaastu. An Architect needs to know the ancient treatise of Samrangan Sutradhar, Mayamattam, Sthapatya Veda, Mansara etc more than just the modern architecture.
A sound Architect looks for natural sunlight and cross ventilation in any residential building and it can be achieved by  properly using the  effects of eight directions; four cardinal directions including north, south, east, west and four angular directions that include northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. This is sufficient to support the physical needs and comforts of the occupant. But for the mental and spiritual well being the effect of Aakash and Paatal (zenith and Nadir) are also required to be taken in to consideration. Zenith direction refers to the cosmic energy while Nadir direction refers to the Geo energy. Vaastu takes in to account the effects of the cosmic and the geo energy. This marks the major difference between Vaastu and architecture.
We all posses’ four types of skins that include the body skin, the cloths we wear, the house we live in and the surroundings in which our house is located. We need to make all the four skins breathe and filter. Hence Vaastu is a way of living life through knowledge. Bhakti and Meditation takes the rear seat.
People still have doubts about Vaastu Science since it has come to be associated with religion and rituals and is also looked upon as illogical at times. Thanks to our Pseudo Vaastu Consultants who are, generally, neither Engineers nor Scientists, but they have presented Vaastu as a big fear that if you do not subscribe to it you may be put to great danger. Our aim is to remove the fear psychosis from Vaastu and bring to the notice of the public that any Vaastu defect can be neutralized to a great extent by balancing the elemental energies.
 Our universe is made up of five elements namely earth, sky, air, water and fire. Five natural forces corresponding to these five elements affect man and his surroundings. These forces are: Magnetic Field (Earth Element), Gravitational Attraction (Water Element), Solar Radiation(Fire Element), Wind Energy(Air Element) and Cosmic Energy(Sky Element). Balance of these forces can be accomplished by suitably adjusting the properties of the basic elements. For example, if the Earth Element is deficient in a building, it can be augmented by introducing the smell of Vetiver Aromatic Oil which in turn is related to the South West Direction associated with earth element.
Let us take one element i e Fire Element i.e Solar Radiation.  Spectrum of the Sun is very large. It contains, Gamma Rays, X Rays, Ultra Voilet Rays, VIBGYOR, Infra Red Rays, TV Waves, Long Waves etc. We are generally concerned with the Ultra Violet Rays just ahead of the white light VIBGYOR and the Infra Red Rays just short of the VIBGYOR. Ultra Violet rays are harmful to us as they do the skin burning and create genetic disorders. Infra Red Rays are good to us as they give us warmth and improves our efficiency. Therefore, a building should be oriented in such a way that it allows the infra red rays and blocks the ultra violet rays. This filtration is called Vaastu in scientific terms. Infra red rays emerge from the Northeast direction while ultra violet rays reach the earth from the Southwest in the afternoon. Hence we should have maximum opening in the Northeast while minimum openings in the Southwest. This is the essence of the Vaastu since it allows the Building to breathe.
Before moving on further let us analyse this principle of the Vaastu Science that North East Direction called Ishan Kaun should have minimum openings. It no where says that the entrance door should be in the Ishaan Kaun. In fact, if there are two windows in the North East instead of one entrance door, they are better since the area of opening of two windows is more than the area of opening of a single door.—————- to be continued
Author :
Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi, Vir Chakra,
B Sc, B E (Civil), M Tech (Structures)


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