Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions—

Wherever there is a defective vaastu building the only remedy available in vaastu is a structural correction to rectify the defects. Much as it is desirable many a times the solution is not practical.

This may be due to the age and construction of the building which may not have the structural strength needed to with stand such correction. Another problem may be the prohibitive cost such a correction requires. Thirdly the conveniences, which are presently available although the building is defective, may not be available when such corrections are incorporated.

After vaastu caught the interest of Indians the fact that the corrections are not easy made the people look at alternatives. The Chinese Feng Shui had promises of enlivening the atmosphere so as to remove the negativity.

It is no wonder therefore that Feng Shui became popular almost overnight. A verity of Feng Shui gadgets entered the market just like magic. The Happy Buddha statue adorned the drawing room of every house in no time. Wind chimes ,Symbols plates ,pakua mirrors and a host of such gadgets did brisk business.

However the craze for Feng Shui gadgets has now reduced very much. It is not because Feng Shui does not work but it has its own limitations. People saw Feng Shui as a panacea for all their problems. They expected improvement from the day after installing the gadgets. When this did not happen they felt let down.

The limitations of Feng Shui–

Firstly there are basic and irreconcilable differences in the principles of vaastu and Feng Shui.

Vaastu recommends lower levels and open space in North & East, higher levels in South & West, water bodies only in Northeast. Similarly, kitchen and toilet position are recommended only in southeast or northwest.

Feng Shui recommends the opposite. Hills and mountains in East and North, open South preferably with a stream and low level in West compared to East.

It also has no objection for toilets in Southwest or Northeast both prohibited in Vaastu.

But the studies show that vaastu is correct and Feng Shui is wrong when it comes into the question of levels, location of toilets /kitchen. We have to therefore come to the conclusion that Feng Shui is no match to vaastu on the practical level when the objective is to derive some benefits.

This does not mean that Feng Shui has no practical value. The one unique feature of Feng Shui is to apply the principles on an individual basis. Vaastu is general in approach. For every building irrespective of its use or the date of birth of the occupant, the principles remain the same. In other words vaastu does not take into account any astrological aspects of the occupant while laying down the rules.

Feng Shui, on the contrary, does a commendable job here. It assigns a Kua number for each person born depending on his date of birth. The Kua number gives valuable insights to the person’s helpful and harmful directions and shows ways to strengthen the directional forces using gadgets.

In truth Feng Shui gadgets give little results if the building is against vaastu principles and fundamental vaastu defects exist. This is one reason why Feng Shui lost its popularity too soon in India.

Secondly, Feng Shui works best in box like structures where the vaastu field is neutral but not negative. In such spaces a little stimulation like using a wind chime or an aquarium makes a lot of difference. However in a highly defective vaastu building these have little or no effect.

Thirdly the Feng Shui gadgets are to be selected carefully depending on the problem for which the solution is sought and the Kua number of the particular individual. That is the reason they are called ‘cures’. No cure works for two different diseases. Similarly the same cure will not give the same effect on a particular individual when the disease is different.

In most of the cases people picked the gadgets at random from the gift shops thinking to have them in their houses or bed rooms ‘is good’. Obviously it did not work and so we are back to square one.

After years of study and experimenting I came to the conclusion that to correct an energy field you need another energy field not gadgets or symbols. Developing and experimenting with various such energy devices I have now come out with remedies which are energy based and can be an answer to a host of problems associated with vaastu.

The following are the devices which can neutralize vaastu defects.


There is no Question without an answer
There is no problem without a solution
There is no disease without a cure

Overcoming Vaastu Defects; THE COSMO PYRAMID —

The performance of rituals like Vaastu Pooja, Vaastu Homa and the like are mentioned to get the blessings of the plot organism which goes without saying that the house, in the first place, should be as per vaastu. 

I have come across several defective houses that has put the occupants to misery in spite of the fact that before entering the house all the rituals were performed in a grandiose manner as per the texts. It is also true that if one were to occupy a house built as per vaastu even without performing any of these poojas or homas, one will still enjoy the benefits of being in a good vaastu house. Rituals have therefore no part to play in vaastu.

Any problem due to vaastu can only arise only if the Northeast force in the plot is weak. If the Northeast is strong in spite of defects in other sectors, the occupants are unlikely to suffer the effect of such vaastu defects. 

The following are some of the problems, which can arise due to defective Northeast.—-

Sl.No Nature Of Northeast Defect Effect
. Elevated Northeast; Poverty
. Staircase in Northeast Circulation problems
. Kitchen in Northeast Quarrelsome members
4 Rounded Northeast No male children
5 Depressed Southwest Heart problems
6 Roof Sloping towards West Health Problems
7 Roof Sloping Towards South Financial Loss
8 Elevated Floor Levels towards North/East Circulation problems

Feng Shui remedies do not create energy. They can only increase the positive vibrations in an area. Hence they can work only if the energy in an area is neutral.

An alternative, which is used by many in practice, is the employment of pyramids. Pyramids are again energy cleansers. They do not create energy on their own. It is important to remember that only the area inside a pyramid is devoid of negative energy even if the pyramid itself is in a negative field. Thus all the devices like pyramids and Feng Shui remedies gave satisfactory results in neutral houses but are found to be less than satisfactory when the defect was in Northeast. In other words if the Northeast is defect free and that too if only a minor defect lies in other sectors then the chances of getting good results by using pyramids and Feng Shui remedies are great. But if the defect lies in Northeast or the sector defects are serious then using these devices is a waste of your money. Similarly Feng Shui remedies fail in cases of other defects as mentioned above.

So far there was no device, which could act as a positive energy releaser to the surroundings. This was the main reason why rectification without structural correction was a difficult task. I have been working to develop a device, which can attract the surrounding negative energy and release it after converting it into a positive one

The device I have now developed which I have named as COSMO Pyramid is just the device and the only device needed to set right the effects of bad vaastu. It also effectively neutralizes Geopathic stress in the house. Read about Geopathic Stress in the author’s book Amazing science Of Vaastu for more information.

Unlike conventional pyramids the Cosmonite pyramids is a solid pyramid and has no hollow inside. The pyramid is made from a special material called cosmonite, which is adhesive packed.

This pyramid has the capacity to release pranic energy continuously. Its special quality is that it attracts the negative energy in the area and converts it to positive energy. This is a solid pyramid unlike others which are hollow.

The best benefit is derived when four cosmonite pyramids are buried under the earth outside the building in the four corner directions.This in effect establishes a virtual pyramid and the entire building is covered with this pyramid energy. Thus any defective field inside the building gets completely neutralized with pyramid energy.In cases of apartments it is sufficient if the four pyramids buried in earthen pots are kept in the four corners of the apartment in the four corner directions.. One face of the pyramid is to be aligned with Magnetic North. . The pyramid makes the negative energy flow towards its base by attracting it and releases the positive energy through the apex. 


  • When kept in the Northeast corner a sense of well being is felt by all the members of the family.
  • When kept in the Southwest corner in bedroom it ensures sound sleep and you feel fresh and lively in the morning.
  • House wives feeling tired and restless should keep one in the Southeast corner of the kitchen to become energetic.
  • Use it in study rooms of kids to have more concentration in their studies and to improve their academic performance.
  • Keep it in your office cabin in the Southwest corner for smooth running of the business.
  • If a person in the family is ill keep a pyramid near his bed on the Southwest corner for quick recovery.
  • If you feel some one has performed black magic on you or wishing you ill, bury four such pyramids in the four corner of the house.
  • If you are living in an apartment or first floor then keep the pyramid in the four corner of the house.
  • If you are worried that people with harmful intentions are coming to your house keep the pyramid in the northwest corner of your house to keep them off.
  • Childless couple aspiring for a baby should keep one in the Northeast corner on the floor in their bedroom.
  • If you are having litigation problems bury a pyramid near your house in Northwest corner. If you live in an apartment keep a pot filled with earth and bury the pyramid which is to be placed in the Northwest corner.
  • If the marriage is on the rocks keep a pyramid each buried in the pot in northwest and southeast of your bed room.
  • If you are finding it difficult to sell your property bury a pyramid in the northwest corner of the lot.(plot).
  • The pyramid effectively neutralizes geopathic stress in the area.

In short there is no area in your life where this unique pyramid cannot help. Use one and convince yourself. 


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