vaastu yashasweeastro

Vastu Shastra has a long History of over 5… years. Vastu Shastra is totally based on the Sunrays & the Invisible Effect of these Rays.
The different Colour of the Rays have useful as well as Destructive effect depending upon the direction & varying from Sunrise to Sunset.
Vastu Shashtra is one of the great Sciences which is related with the five Basic Elements of the Nature , Cosmic Energy & Sun Rays.
Every Structure , Big or Small has a Diety of its own Known as Vastupurush. Mental Peace is definitely derived if we build our Home or Office as per the norms of Vastu Shastra.
If Setting of things are according to Vaaastu Shastra, the Thoughts, Speech & Action are supported by nature & lead to Health, Wealth , Happiness & Prosperity.
Many a times a Man purchases a Plot , House , Flat , Office , Factory because it is Cheap. He does not pay any attention to the Usefulness or Harmfulness of the Place. If he Purchases according to the Principles of Vastu Shastra, His Economic Front definitely Improves & He gets lots n lots of Prosperity n Good Health. If the Selection is Wrong, It Leads to Untimely Deaths in the Family, Financial Losses, Gap in the Education of Children, Bad Health, Problems in Married life, Loss in Business, Unstable Career etc.
..vaastu yashasweeastro


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